New Zealand Shake Out. 9:30 am, 18 October 2018

Sam: Are you ready for New Zealand ShakeOut? 쉐이크아웃에 대해 준비 됐어요?
Joanne: What’s that? 그게 뭐에요?
Sam: It’s national earthquake drill and tsunami hikoi at 9.30 am on 18 October.
지진과 쯔나미를 대비하는 전국적인 훈련이에요.
Joanne: What do I need to do? 제가 무엇을 해야하죠?
Sam: Drop, Cover and Hold to practise the right action to take in an earthquake.
지진에 대비해 올바른 행동을 취할 수 있도록 연습하는 거에요. 몸을 낮추고, 가리고, 잡고!


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